Cheska Moore – Trauma

Prepare to enter a dense atmosphere, guided by ravishing vocals in a dark and thrilling environment. The new release of singer/songwriter Cheska Moore is designed to send shivers down your spine while pulling you toward the danger.

Revolving around the complexities of desire, manipulation, and the haunting emotional journey within a relationship, the track uses a very intense combination of haunting textures, driving rhythmic constructs, and a special component called “uncertainty”. It’s awesome how the tune creates this slightly uncomfortable scenario that makes you relive everything you tried to avoid for so long. In other words: trauma indeed!

You gotta love the sophisticated dark-pop theme created in “Trauma”. There’s this unresting driven vibe present that keeps you on your feet at all times, as the tune relentlessly pushes you forward into the darkness. The resulting intensity is even amplified by the mesmerizing vocals which hide their true intentions at all times. This tune is a perfect blend of mystery, mood, and music.

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Florian Maier

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