The Sweeplings – Can I Have Forever With You

Goosebump material, folks. What the singing duo of Whitney Dean and Cami Bradley created goes directly under the skin. Due to their vocal performance backed by a soft and slow motion-ish backing, their new tune called “Can I Have Forever With You” fires vulnerable emotion on all cylinders.

The song appears like a candle burning in the darkness. There’s a steady warmth and organic texture that feels so natural as if music was only invented for exactly this melodic and slow-swingy. With a backing concept this delicate and slow, it’s very difficult to hit the mark regarding storytelling and effect, but The Sweeplings made it seem so easy. Somehow they manage to add such a huge amount of soul and heart to the tune that time slows down while listening.

Revolving around the sorrow of loss, the uncertainty of change, and the triumph of perseverance, the tune transmits this core honesty that cannot be performed unless there are hard-learned life lessons involved. And overall, that honesty is what makes this release so enchanting. Being a teaser for an upcoming self-titled album, this track is a perfect example of the talent and soul of those two. Mark your calendars, guys. On December 1st, Christmas comes early this year.

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