Mannschaft – Hey Hey

With a youthful drive and a signature kind of energy that reflects today’s… well, today’s ecosystem for everyone, the new release of German band Mannschaft combines both an uplifting style, and a wise seen-it-all undertone, blending these elements into a song with a message.

Revolving around the non-binding loneliness that can be the result of internet-based relationships, the track carries what I’d like to label an “uplifting melancholy”. Backed by a steady playful groove, the vocals do their thing to transmit their soul maturely. And it’s exactly this maturity that makes the tune stand out before others. The floaty uuhs and ahhs are as important as the main vocals, because every single element in the tune, no matter if percussive or melodic, creates this “living room” in your mind. You know, the one that you go to when thinking about if things even make sense anymore.

And THAT vibe is the secret ingredient of “Hey Hey”. It delivers a thought-provoking smile, not meant to make you sad, but certainly to make you feel something. To think about the topic at hand. The resulting versatile sound proves both the thoughtfulness of songwriting as well as the soulful approach of the band.

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