Estella Dawn – Funny Bones

Once again, singer/songwriter Estella Dawn takes a book out of the shelf called “Life”. Her latest release once again carries a high amount of emotional honesty, reflected through soft chords and a slight pop groove, but most of all, through the powerful vocals.

By now I talked numerous times about the singer’s ability to switch seamlessly between several moods within a single song, and of course, this signature move can also be found in “Funny Bones”. New Zealand-born, San Diego-based artist Dawn just knows how to deliver catchy melodies along a mesmerizing emotional vocal approach. Some things get thrown in your face, and some are caressing your soul like silk. But the kicker here is this: no matter what mood is transmitted, I believe it. Her music is real because it is based on real emotions.

All in all, that’s the reason this tune and a lot of her other works hit the mark so easily. These are stories delivered with a working-class vibe since the singer isn’t afraid to use anything to deliver. Spoken parts, angry undertones, helpless pleads, positive reminders, everything that meets us in life out there can be found in her music.

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