Those Damned Jackdaw Saints – Lonely Man

It’s time for handmade blues, ladies and gents. But not any kind of. It’s the one that goes under your skin. Be careful though, you might find yourself in this slow groover that aims directly for the heart and soul.

Circling the theme of love lost and being lonely, the track uses a concept that feels as old as music itself, and that’s one of the ingredients that make the track work so well. With a slow and honest vibe, the track has a heavy-hearted undertone as it tells the story both through the lyrics and the guitars.

While the overall feel of the track might not be something new, it’s the signature style that makes “Lonely Man” special. Done in a quite relaxed melancholic manner, the track transmits this certain feeling. One that makes you want to order your fifth whiskey in this dark bar of broken hearts, as you ask yourself over and over again how this could happen to you. The strong suit is the accessible storytelling here. This is a quite vintage (or better: old school) sound that every one of us can relate to.

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Florian Maier

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