Shane Rennison – Ghost

Building a playful and haunted scenario, the newest release of singer/songwriter Shane Rennison has a unique vibe attached to it. The slow and wobbly approach of the backing serves as the perfect base for the pristine vocals.

What really caught my attention about this track was its almost innocent approach. Both the vocals and the backing feel youthful, bringing a unique kind of inexperienced vibe to the table (which of course was the masterplan all along). Done this way, the track has a slow groove that keeps the focus on the story but also leaves a mark once heard due to its ghostly-funky melodic concept. The whole tune oozes a certain desperation and frustration about a dying relationship, yet this isn’t done overly melancholic or beaten down, but with a signature-styled energy and passion. Being the rebirth of an existing genre, I’d like to call the style of the artist “Rennisance Pop”.

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Florian Maier

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