No Signal – Cloud 1

In a determined fashion, the new release of Denver-based alternative rock band No Signal feels like it’s on a quest. A quest for meaning. For substance and value. Both sonically and lyrically, the track raises its head to the sky with a certain questioning vibe, like an alien entity searching for a bigger meaning behind the rules and regulations of mankind.

Welcome to the deep-thought world of No Signal, folks. What really fascinates me is the way in which “Cloud 1” creates a canvas and fills it with content at the same time. There’s this innocent curiosity connected to the track, while at the same time, the music feels bound to a pearl of ancient wisdom only few can hold. You gotta love the versatile nature of the sound. Melodies blend seamlessly with electronic textures, and emotions are pictured innocently while they are slowly consumed by the doubts and fears of a whole generation. The clean approach of the sound helps to give the tune a signature-styled analytical vibe, yet under the sterile surface, intensity is boiling.

All in all, this track isn’t just intelligent storytelling. It’s rather picturing the human ability to connect feelings to thoughts, and that’s what makes it so irresistible.

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