Monica Whitlock – twentyfour

This track does have its flaws. And you know what? They are there for a reason, and I love every single one of them.

With unmatched honesty, the track doesn’t sell anything to the listener. The whole tune rather feels like pages out of a diary, ripped out at times when the content hurt, and found later in a big box of memories too important to forget. In a quite minimal intimate setting backed by mostly guitar and piano arrangements, the vocals transmit a huge amount of emotion and passion, originating from the heart and soul of the artist, given to the audience both for the sake of getting it out and being heard.

It’s exactly this honest offer of Whitlock that amazes me in her works. Not a single time does the content feel staged or faked. The singer also doesn’t bow down to tell the world how she feels through socials. In a world made up of fake accounts, fake feelings, and fake content, her music actually means something. It lets the industry know what the content should be like. It’s not always about flawless mixes and shallow stories, not about the fame or the fortune, it’s about the recognition that what you do and who you are is valid. This, guys, is real music.

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