Dee – Changed In A Season

This melodic story, told by Canadian singer/songwriter Dee, takes you to a setting filled with soul, slow groove, and sophisticated style.

There’s a signature lush and well-rounded vibe connected to „Changing In A Season“. It’s not easy to pinpoint though. Maybe it’s the relaxed backing, injecting drive and flowing energy like a small creek doing its thing. Maybe those seductive vocals make the listener hang on to every word. I guess it’s the perfect blend of both. The tune uses a unique retro-flavored style combined with a basic but ultra-effective beat concept to transmit a ton of soul in the process.

Backed by carefully designed harmonies and handmade guitar snippets, the track gets what I’d like to call a burlesque aura. The tune creates an atmosphere where you can hear a needle drop so to speak. This is storytelling on a whole new level because the tune isn’t just thrown out there. It’s presented in a calm and soulful way, and this water-like flow, this groove, and the emotional output of the vocals are the tune’s secret weapon.

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Florian Maier

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