Lucy Parish – No Good

Goosebumps, folks. It doesn’t happen that often that a voice feels like it has lived through several lifespans, bringing all of the emotions with it. It’s what I like to call “old soul texture”, and boy, singer/songwriter Lucy Parish has got a ton of it.

At only 21 years old, the Bristol-based artist gives the song a dark, but not overly melancholic vibe through her vocal abilities. Along a slow methodical backing, the story is told with an intense emotional undertone. Yet the sound never gets too sad or changes to sort of a “suffering” context, it’s more of a feeling of someone who got used to the pain. Who accepted darkness as part of life.

And that’s what I love about this tune. It makes me feel the mood. It reminds me of my own darkness, and it’s a perfect youthful reflection of what music is about. The intensity rising and then fading again is a perfect picture of how these thoughts and feelings come and go. This is nothing less than living poetry in the form of words and sound.

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