Joe’s Groove Huddle – Heading to Myself

Being about finding yourself trapped in everyday life, with daily routines making a creative life impossible, the new release of the project known as Joe’s Groove Huddle contains drive and an uplifting component that feels a lot like departing into a new chapter of life.

“Heading to Myself” doesn’t tell the story with just the words of the lyrics, it uses an intelligent concept of highs and lows, of drive and relaxation, kickass and groovy. Through this, the song takes the listener on a journey, a bit of mind exploring if you will. With unusual rhythmic components and an outer space bass line, the tune tells its story in a captivating fashion. I especially like the vibrant way in which every element shines within the mix, it feels like every single track evolves and develops while knowing its worth, giving the track an energetic core that sends out pulses as if it was an ever-running motor.

Joe Kinzig and the guys created an underrated blue-collar anthem with this track. It’s energetic and straightforward, but it won’t just smack the message in your face with maxed rocking force. It rather helps you to develop your own receptors.

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Florian Maier

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