Lucifers Beard – Frog Class

There’s a special vibe connected to this tune of the one-man band known as Lucifers Beard. It’s energetic. It has this undeniable drive and a signature sassy upfront vibe. It serves as a kickass motivator, it rattles on your everyday cage, and it redefines the energy levels of your day. This, ladies and gentlemen, is “Frog Class”.

I simply love the “let’s go” motivational texture present in this track. There’s really a lot happening in the track that can be easily missed when listening once, but there’s so much more to find in there. Not only the vocals are telling their story, but for me, the backing does as well. Unexpected changes, flashy extra tracks, and sparkling drums blend with these unique floating vocals, just to make room for the next minimal goosebump driver and lyrics that are shouted out into the world. It’s exactly this versatility that fascinates me about this tune. It’s positive. It’s not stopping for anything or anyone. It feels very much alive and kicking. This sound will make you do whatever you always wanted but something held you back until now. This anthem creates your window of opportunity. We all should enjoy being members of the Frog Class.

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Florian Maier

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