Daniel Monte – Not Coming Back Anymore

The new tune of multi-talented Daniel Monte and his band was pitched to me as a track with “a Vikings/James Bond quality to the melody and chords”. And that, fellow music lovers, was the most accurate one-line description of a track I read in a long time.

And what an accurate description it is! With majestic cello melodies and a bombastic drum setting, the track starts as if it was a battle hymn for people out to conquer the world. Within the first seconds, the tune creates a feelable signature density and an unreal energetic flow. A flow that finally erupts in a melodic main theme carried by vocals and an intriguing orchestral blend. As this awesome concept keeps alternating between dangerously quiet and excessively energetic throughout the song, it’s hard to say which theme is more dominant, or tone-giving. I’d say they both are, and that’s what I love most about “Not Coming Back Anymore”. It’s the unique blend of styles done in such a natural way that it feels like it always was meant for each other.

I don’t know how, but Monte and the guys managed to mix these genre-specific styles together to form a new hybrid of an anthem. Telling the story of leaving a toxic relationship despite the many challenges that prevent someone from doing so, this tune stands as a wake-up call for anyone going through that phase, picturing the situation in an unforgiving and surreal condensed way.

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