Estrada – Public Secret (EP)

The new six-track EP of singer/songwriter Estrada has a signature floating element attached to all the songs. Due to its approach, the EP can be seen as an entry in the journal of life itself.

The EP contains feelings and thoughts in a way that goes deep under the skin. Starting with “iwantuall4me”, the EP creates a unique dreamy context in which all of the songs of the EP are happening. In a reverbed setting, yet with enough drive and energy to let the tune shine in a lively way, the tune uses defensive textures along a driving beat to get a signature-styled groove going. Present in all of the other works of Estrada, this tune contains a certain melancholy, yet not an overly sad one. It’s more of a vibe that feels like… you know, lessons learned. Some good experiences, some bad, but always connected to firsthand experiences.
“Floating” builds a slightly more mysterious atmosphere. With a relaxed base pattern and playful melodies, the tune feels like opening your eyes on a new day. As everything slowly comes to life, the music feels quite in line with slow waves of sound penetrating your thoughts.

“Public Secret” leaves the melancholic area of the musical universe of Estrada. The name-giver of the EP has a certain adventurous core attached, the track builds with a lot of accessible emotions, and an almost hidden “come on” vibe, it’s a driving element that won’t push you as a listener, but it’ll give you a nudge into a more uplifting positive character, while keep you moving with a pulsating rhythm setting.
At this point, it’s clear that Estrada won’t just stop at mixing traditional elements in his music. You gotta love the unusual element blend. In this extraordinary late-night no-sleep scenario, everything is used as long as it fits, and this is a pretty fitting image compared to when your thoughts are starting to race once you’re alone.

The next track is shifting gears again. In “finallyfoundyou”, the mindset switches back to a certain melancholy, blended with emotions where there are no words needed or found anyway. It’s this intriguing mixture of sounds, textures, and emotions that let the listener drift into a vast void of an unstructured environment. Having to steer yourself through this is a really attractive component that can be found in most of the tracks on this EP. “Esta Noche Que Salí” brings even another language to the table. Along a dense energy present, the track takes you for a ride through unknown territory. The closing track called “Distance” contains a somewhat conciliatory base. With a very calm rhythm, soft reverbed melodies, and understanding accessible vocals, the track feels like an old friend, letting you know that in the end, all will be okay. Once again not bound to any boundaries, the sound seems to be expanding in every direction which makes the tune feel like in a state of evolutionary process.

All in all, this EP is designed to stimulate your thoughts and emotions, it encourages you to get lost in the special sonic world of Estrada. And in my opinion, after getting comfortable with the sound and absence of borders and restrictions, it feels really good and natural to let yourself float in the dreamy textures which can be found here.

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