Cheska Moore – Bad Thoughts

Feel that? The temperature just dropped along this release of South London based musical mastermind Cheska Moore. In a minimal yet razor sharp setting, the vocals do their thing in a special way I can only describe as “deadly methodical”. Everything seems not rushed, but carefully planned. No move goes fast, every single element in the tune falls in line with a plan, and that’s what makes “Bad Thoughts” so effective.

Being an exploration of sleepless, spiralling conversations with the worst parts of yourself, the track builds a dark place that’s just reserved for the intense vocals, and you. You can feel that this tune isn’t about happy melodies or anything, but it is digging up things we like to hide in the shadows. And it does so in a way that gives you chills. Along “Don’t Talk” and “PPV Hotel” which were also released this year, Moore obviously is going full throttle in building her awesome dark and enigmatic legacy out there.

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Florian Maier

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