Fieh – Judy Law

It’s quirky, edgy, sassy, and different. In other words: it’s perfect.

I got to admit, the guys of Norwegian band Fieh didn’t fully convince me with their sound when I first listened to their sound. But the idea of the song, the intention, and last but not least the video coming along, fully did the trick.

You know me guys, I love things that happen outside the regular boundaries, as long as they do make sense in any way. And “Judy Law” brings a carefree coolness to the table, defying rules in all directions as the tune tells its story. Being about the desire of being someone else, the track shows how easy it is to just be different. Lurking wobbly bass lines, lazy unique solos, and a signature styled vocal performance cements the tune’s legacy as the queen of coolness by simply doing its thing.

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Florian Maier

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