Wild Cage (Yify Zhang)

The level of emotional intensity in the new release of electronica producer Yify Zhang feels really unreal at times. And the song, together with the video, create a wonderful blend of questioning and answering, of being curious and lost, and of being on the run and at ease.

In a fragile atmosphere, the song builds a reverbed scenery that pulls the listener in instantly. As the story is told, there’s a mysterious vibe present, blurring the lines between dream and reality – and this is what makes the tune so addictive for me. It’s the oddworld yet familiar flavor attached to the textures of layered sound. Blending handmade plucks along soft and dense synth constructs and these signature styled vulnerable vocals, the track opens the door to an emotional world that can be felt as much as the music can be heard.

The sound transmits this special lost and broken feeling we all carry in ourselves. Some of us do that big time, while in others this is just one silent aspect of many. But we all know this vibe that Zhang triggers with “Wild Cage”. Constantly on the run from what you have, we are on the restless search for something bigger, better or more meaningful. Being about the ongoing war between the mind and heart, the track pictures these torn and indecisive feelings in such a surprisingly clear way that one starts to wonder why no one is able to talk about those feelings as open as the song does. Backed by melodic fractures and vocals snippets, the tune always balances between giving in and giving up, doing that to a point that causes tears in your eyes. The video uses powerful pictures and effects to enhance this restless journey happening in our minds.

This, people, is extraordinary music. It triggers feelings, it’s able to express emotions better than words, and it’s so much more meaningful than all these shallow daily one hit pop sparks of the industry. Just listen. Experience with all your senses, and you’ll find the truth right there in your headphones.

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