Origins (Elskavon)

The opener of the album named “Origins” feels like opening a book with endless pages. Have you ever waited for ages to get your hands on a certain book, and once you finally held it in your hands, there was this short moment when it felt like you’re about to embark on an epic journey? With this tune it’s no different.

I love the wholesome atmosphere this tune builds. The sound feels ever evolving, from the first seconds on there’s this unique adventurous vibe present, making listening to the song feel like a journey through time and space. There is an unreal amount of elements blended into one big universal truth. From handmade percussive elements, to vocal chops, to arpeggiated synths, everything feels free to exist and do as they please, yet these elements do follow a similar path, a “pulsating red dotted line” so to speak. And while doing so, the tune creates a whole universe of sound and motion, of light and darkness. The listener is free to explore that sound in whatever pace and to whatever extend he/she wants. And all in all, THIS is truly the artistic essence of “Origins”.

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Florian Maier

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