Shine (Edu Quindós)

No, it’s not brand new. Nor is it his latest release. But in my opinion, this tune is one of his best so far. Barcelona based singer/songwriter Edu Quindós brings a familiar emotional warmth into your day.

For starters who don’t know the skilled multitalent Quindós yet, let me tell you: he can and will step on the pedal if he wants to do so. The softer side of “Shine” is just one of his many facettes in music. Want more rock? No problem, “Hold On Tight” will make you move! Or you can “Cry and Try” to uplifting melodic guitar textures. Heck, you even can get some waltz-soaked atmosphere by listening to “I Want Seduce You“.

But today, it’s about emotion, passion, and this laid back rock that spreads an aged wisdom. With a classical band setting, the tune transmits a sophisticated groove with the help of a fresh but slow rhythm section, a fluent bass line, and of course, the versatile voice of Quindós. I love this unobtrusive wholesome aura that is built by some not-so-obvious elements of the backing. Almost ethereal synth textures blend with handmade guitars are the base for dedicated storytelling and what I’d like to describe as an “expressive emotional vibe”. All in all, this tune will make you feel the slight groove, granting you a perfect description of success – in form of music.

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Florian Maier

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