Never Learn (Garvie)

Chewing up and spitting out the toxicity of the hustle culture that we can feel everywhere around us, the new release of musical mastermind Garvie merges musical elements in a very unexpected way.

I love the drive of this tune. It transmits this driven restlessness, and a vibe that feels constantly on the run, therefore reflecting pretty much the situation out there. With the help of bitcrushed components, driven guitar riffs, and a explosive rhythm section, the track builds a unique atmosphere on the fast lane. The vocals tell the story with the help of every energetic component possible – processed lo-fi outbursts, falsetto strikes, intriguing melodic composition, drum-and-bass-ish rhythm, you name it.

And there you have it, all the ingredients you need to create a memorable tune. But blending them together is rather an art form than it is a musical technique in my opinion. In “Never Learn”, Garvie managed to give the song a signature styled “video game” appeal, which pretty much pictures the feeling you sometimes get in life. Well, I know I do. As life is influenced by external sources, sometimes you’ll find yourself in this whirlwind of ups and downs. While I have to admit that this whirlwind does have its tempting components, often times you feel like you’re just pulled along, with no means of having an impact on the situation. All in all, this remarkable tune feels like the soundtrack of level 13 of your life.

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