Nostalgic (HARALD)

When talking about wholesome atmospheres soaked in emotion, you cannot leave the new release of HARALD out of the discussion.

The track shows from the first notes on that it’s about meaningful context. Although we’re just talking about 2:20 minutes of song, the Norwegian multitalent managed to condense emotional texture in the track in such a huge way that I as listener have a real hard time to categorize the main genre of the tune. You might call it cinematic, but that’s sort of a downgrade for the majestic slow paced melodies paving the way for the soulful and vulnerable vocals. The piano and vocal combination tries to find a way through this mysterious oddworld-ish ancient atmosphere, guided by flickering lights in form of synth melodies in an endless cave.

You gotta love the roomy feel that “Nostalgic” creates, giving the listener many ways of interpretation in the process. Is this the lonely feel inside of your own mind? Is this getting lost in the void? Is this even drowning in fear and sorrow? The magnitude of ways to take in this tune are close to endless, and that’s why I’m so drawn to the track. The sophisticated way of storytelling won’t fit into any mainstream scenario, but that’s exactly the point. Allow the track to build a maze for your mind. Let it create your own picture. Find your own interpretation.

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