Disinformation (Mashville)

I gotta be honest with you, guys – I LOVE the sassy youthful drive happening in the new release of artist collective Mashville. This tune injects energy and passion straight into your synapses.

“Disinformation” contains what I’d like to call a ‘breakout vibe’. It’s a rare determined passion, an assertive outburst of emotions that were stored in the dark for too long. Confidence that finally makes it stand. Some call it pop punk. Nah. That doesn’t sound right to me. This is a new genre called “energetic popville mash”. This track, intentional or not, might just have created an ultimate anthem for all feeling this urgency to let it all out. Sure, the backing does sound a bit clean and generic here and there, but that’s neutralized by these powerful vocals (and backing vocals), telling the story at hand with a really stirring signature style.

All in all, this track has an undeniable explosiveness reflected in a clean, straightforward, and driving way, garnered with flawless vocals, and a sparkling empowering aura.

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Florian Maier

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