Top 10 (Chloe J)

With a perfect combination of shy and expressive, the new release of 16 year-old singer/songwriter Chloe J impresses with a relaxed yet determined blend of groove and emotion.

What I love most about this tune is its signature kind of storytelling. The backing builds a relaxed atmosphere due to the combination of a laid back rhythmic concept and sparkling synths, while the vocals are an absolute thing of beauty, telling the story in a signature shy and vulnerable fashion that amplifies the overall moodset of the track.

Telling about the sacrifices artists often make tring to to get to Billboard’s top 10, the tune also provides some insight about the ups and downs of the industry, and in my opinion, that’s mighty reflective coming from an artist this young. Yet all artists, no matter what age, struggle with being heard and being present out there in the industry all the time. It’s a lifestyle, but not necessarily one you freely choose with all its facettes. And in “Top 10”, there’s this feelable melancholic fabric woven in, reminding the listener that mostly it’s glitter and fame – but it’s a rocky road of abandonment at the same time.

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