Sabrina (goodkitty)

This open-hearted declaration of a queer crush attracts with a retro-flavoured and honest approach. Where sensitive ravishing vocals meet a synth-based melanchomelody, you’re in goodkitty land.

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and artist Katie Colt, better known as goodkitty, knows exactly how to impress with not rushing anything. The fine nuanced emotional output of “Sabrina” feels honest, profound and dedicated. I love the way that there is a very serious vibe connected to the relaxed drive of the tune, you’ll find both a feelable groove, and an energetic singalong character in the melodic textures of the tune.

Done with a retro-ish classic character of the backing, this track is a perfect balance act between feelgood drive and melancholic deep thought texture. The vocals at parts almost feel shy, presenting the story at hand perfectly in the process. Being the first release from her upcoming debut EP, I’m curious to hear whatelse there is to find sonically in her repertoire. With “Red” which was released last November, we already can enjoy another slow storyteller in a wide and comforting atmosphere. You just gotta love her unique signature style.

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