The Garden (Mcclendon)

The title track to American multitalent Mcclendon’s new record dropping in May 2023 impresses with a soft yet direct approach, layered soundscaping textures, and an unexpected emotional output.

I just love the atmosphere created by “The Garden”. A steady but defensive drum concept along what seems to be a minimalistic melodic base build this certain silky feel that is supported by layered vocals, and sparkling melodic extras. In a way, the sound takes you to a dreamy place somewhere in between dreaming and being awake, with both warm and crystalline components. The fact that the vocals sometimes feel a bit de-humanized, but can switch seamlessly to unexpected emotional intensity, makes the tune a tempting mystery package.

What draws me most to this tune though is its ability to tell the story with that signature calm approach. I like that the tune contains a certain pressure/density, but not a too obvious one. Melancholic darkness with rays of light cutting through, if you will. This track, guys, is extraordinary and sophisticated storytelling.

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