Ghosty and the Ghosts (So Cal Jack)

This Halloween themed song about how tragedy is exploited is transmitted in a extraordinary vibe.

With a special melodic blend of emotion and storytelling, the track surely does take it time to deliver. With a very defensive backing construct, the one man band known as So Cal Jack creates a soft and safe atmosphere for the listener. While some might say that the music won’t create enough energy or passion, I say that it’s exactly this defensive and almost shy approach that makes the track so interesting. With this signature styled unobtrusive approach, the track contains a soft swingy character, enriched with emotion and a melancholic undertoned moodset that backs the story perfectly.

And that’s why I love this track. As an artist, it’s all about delivering the story at hand, and you gotta be careful not to overdo anything. Creating a track from my experience sometimes feels like defusing a bomb, if one thing goes wrong, then boom – the whole story won’t work anymore. With “Ghosty and the Ghosts”, everything falls in place where it should be. Of course it’s held back and defensive, but that’s the whole point of the track after all. Done in its own style, the track is even more accessible.

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