Lights Out (bludnymph)

With her new release, Canadian artist bludnymph won’t take no prisoners, and she does so with a signature styled sassiness.

From the first seconds on, the track contains a unique dark drive that feels quite lightweight, but is the perfect base for those intense vocals. Man, vocals like these are hard to find in the pop scene out there. They contain an extraordinary drive, combined with a mix of innocent and not-so-innocent undertones. And because of this rare blend, bludnymph creates a whole new genre with her music. While mainstream calls it dark rap infused pop, I’d like to call “bludpop”. It’s a sassy vibe with urgency and passion, served icecold, with a overwhelming confidence.

It’s like the artist knew her strengths and weaknesses so perfectly that she decides on the go if she’ll present the angel or the devil in her songs. And this blend is really addictive in my opinion. It works both as her businesscard, and the stirring drive of her music.

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Florian Maier

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