Cheers to You (KP Wolfe)

Feel that? This tune contains intensity, authenticity, and a special kickass component that feels really relatable.

And that, in a nutshell, is what the new release of singer/songwriter KOP Wolfe is all about. In a driving and energetic setting, the tune tells its story with very special ingredients. While the backing contains clean textures and something I can only describe as “vehement drive”, it’s the vocals that give the tune that credible halo in the created atmosphere. I love the texture of these vocals. They’re switching between vulnerable and kickass in an outstanding fashion, while being assertive in every direction.

And the best part is that you can feel the honesty connected to them. This is not an act, this originates from heart and soul. The Los Angeles based artist transmits a relatable core within her newest song. And that is what’s desperately needed these days in the industry. “Cheers to You” is a stirring beacon in a vast mass of songs out there, standing out for its vibrant energy, flawless vocals, and addictive blend of pop and rock.

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