Butcher Block (Hot Mustard)

This road-trip flavoured laid back anthem seems perfect to end the year with, and its a great pick as new lifestyle theme for 2023.

There’s this undeniable relaxed melodic “smirk” present in the track. As the bass line swings its way through the light atmosphere, the other intruments follow its lead. “Butcher Block” is a versatile tune with exotic extras, a steady slow groove, and a special ingredient that makes you instantly nod your head along the vibe.

A major positive aspect of the sound of instrumental recording duo Hot Mustard is the relaxed approach, which spreads positivity and an uplifting vibe along lush and groovy melodies. Garnered with percussive gems and retro-flavoured synths, the track also gets this oldschool mysterious add-on that stands out as the signature sound.

Clicking through the catalogue of Hot Mustard, I noticed that this laid back appearance of their sound isn’t a coincidence. You always feel the need to put sunglasses on when listening to the groove-soaked guitars of “Mustard Green“, or the lush vocal-themed “Never Ready“. Best part is, those sunglasses also are used at night. Just because the sound is so darn complete and saturated.

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