Deeper Sound (Koné)

You gotta love the relaxed and deep environment created by the new release of Belgium based multitalent Koné. You’re in for a treat, enriched with multi-faceted percussion, and a wholesome story.

I really like the percussive elements used in this tune. Listen closely, and you’ll find both classic rhythm elements as well as more exotic ones. And these build the foundation of a relaxed and melodic quest in a search for a deeper meaning. As the track is slowly building drive and tension, the story is told in a very unique laid back, wise and sophisticated way. African percussive elements blend seamlessly with defensive synth textures, and handmade classic band instruments to a credible atmosphere in which the vocals truly feel at home.

What attracts me most about “Deeper Sound” is the fact that it can as well be seen as the new year’s anthem. Time to reflect, guys. This track is a gentle yet assertive way of making you think. And slowly groove at the same time.

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Florian Maier

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