Glass Rumours – Don’t Forget About Christmas

“Like Christmas Eve inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory… Unexpected surprises at every turn, deliver an ever-changing sonic tapestry.” This is the band’s own description of the tune, and I think it’s a fitting one. But you know me guys, I’m here for big swings at tunes, so let’s dig a bit deeper into the track, shall we?

This tune definitely doesn’t belong on all those sobbing, love-dripping christmas playlists out there. Wham! my sweet behind, folks. The guys of Glass Rumors show how contemporary christmas songs are supposed to sound like. What starts as a slow piano-based melodic and emotional ballad, takes an unexpected turn after while, shifting gears to a full-blown alt rock tune containing drive, passion, and energy. There’s this undeniable classy rock halo present, supporting the serious undertone of the track, while the flawless expressive vocals tell the story in a captivating manner.

What makes the track so special to me is that the story is told with a well-balanced blend of handmade rock and feelable emotion. This track is alive, and you can feel that. The content is real, and not so unbelievably sugarcoded like almost all the mainstream songs out there. And keep in mind that Glass Rumours is a duo, not a six-piece band! (I was as surprised as you are now.) The tune spans a universe of moods from broken down to kickass. The emotional core of the song isn’t staged, it originates from the heart and soul.

To sum it up, “Don’t Forget About Christmas” forms an intriguing contrast to what’s expected as a typical christmas song. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t care how shiny and glamorous the box is. I prefer the things that are to find outside the box.

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