Meresha – Fire On

Life and love never sounded more smooth. The new release of American creator, performer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Meresha brings a signature styled mediterranean warmth along a lush groove that will make you move instantly. Upgraded with a brand-new video directed by Meresha herself, and a little remix magic, the track adds a huge amount of soul and passion to life.

As the days get colder around here, I love that this track turns up the heat. In a very laid back tempo, the tune creates a canvas for your imagination, as the synth textures build this beach-like safe haven for your ears. Along the defensive yet distinct music backing, there are these confident and expressive vocals.

Telling the story about two souls meeting, dancing, and fueling a fire of passion that lights the night in the process, the track feels at ease, and that’s what makes the tune so special. It combines almost retro-styled disco elements with a special kind of passion-soaked groove to create a new subgenre, and a danceable alternate universe to just let yourself float in.

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