Chymes – I Think I Made You Up

Being about the moment you figure out that the person you were with wasn’t actually perfect and you made it all up in your head, the new release of Australian multitalent Chymes creates a goosebump atmosphere. Dark synth bass lines along a methodical groove create a dense and even partly cruel atmosphere. It’s like you opened that one door in your mind that you tried to keep closed for so long. And in this atmosphere, there are these crystalline vocals telling the story with an incredible blend of vulnerability, sassiness, confidence and enough-is-enough-mood. Until now, I didn’t even realize that these moods could be blended in the first place.

And all in all, it’s this unique signature blend that makes the track so addictive. “I Think I Made You Up” combines a truthful story with melodies and grooves that make you intensely feel the story as you listen to it. And the original blend of realization and real talk of these almost innocent vocals within the dark scenery adds this special majestic glow, that’ll stick to your head as soon as you heard the tune. And if you happen to love this dark synth core of the song, there’s more waiting for you, courtesy of Chymes. Make sure to check out the dense driver “Black Hole Friend”, or the lush melancholic dreamer “All Time Low”.

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