Mango In Euphoria – Goddess

You just gotta love the affectionate way of this tune. Released six moths ago, this track of Mango In Euphoria is nothing less than the captivating playground of melodic enchanting textures, dark, dense and sexy units of exotic excitement.

Within a slow and methodical relaxed setting, the vocals tell their story in a enchanting fashion. Everything feels provocative, dreamy and connected to a unexpected amount of drive and energy. But we’re not talking brute force energy here, it’s more like an energy lurking in the shadow, waiting for its time to come out. And that’s what makes “Goddess” so intriguing, it’s this almost shy but ultra-determined way of storytelling. Throughout the whole song, there’s a special vibe present I’d like to compare with the feeling when trying to defuse a bomb. You never know what’s next, and everything happens in a certain higher state of mind.

This tune surprises with a signature density and a gorgeous groove. Recently, there has been another release called “Ghost” which also contains this dark-ish dystopian drive, but in a different mood setting than this track. Yet one thing is clear: all the tracks of the multi-talented dark disco artist carry this dense, synth-based angelic business card of Mango In Euphoria. That, folks, is exactly how to create a signature sound that’ll stand out.

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