Janice Prix – Stone Love

You gotta love the heavy-hearted and dark atmosphere of the new release of Swedish band Janice Prix. In a moodset which I would describe as ‘the soundtrack of the state of humanity’, the track lays it all out in a methodical, moody way that speaks out of the heart and soul of so many of us.

I mean, just listen to this. Pulsating synths supporting a lost and lonely voice that tells the story with a signature styled blend of melancholy, desperation, but also a small spark of positive energy. I love that all of the elements used in “Stone Love” are not only blended, they rather interact with each other. Arranging every single effect, every melody and every rhythmic component must have taken ages on this tune, yet the results justify the work. The atmosphere is feelable in a very intense way. The track makes the listener feel all alone in a barren environment that is connected to this unique unforgiving vibe as the tune slowly builds to its boiling point.

All in all, the tune has everything it takes to be engraved into the listener’s mind. Emotion, energy, signature sound. It’s all there, floating through your mind in form of dark textures, melodic feelings and this extraordinary feeling as if the sound was created by not just their minds, but yours as well.

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Florian Maier

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