Jake Hays – All I’ve Got to Say

Eager to not be too dominant, the new release of American singer/songwriter Jake Hays has a very special ingredient that instantly connected with me. It’s a special kind of laid back, smiling and lively appeal. Due to the steady driving backing, the track is connected to this signature styled youthful element that’ll make you move and sing along no matter where you are or what you do.

“All I’ve Got to Say” is a tune that animates you to be a part of the experience, so to speak. With seemingly minimal effort, the tune gets a certain… let’s call it “surfer-ish grace” while telling its story. The track combines a juicy beat with a simple yet effective melody, and sophisticated vocals that span a wide range of both notes and emotions. Done this way, the tune feels like being in any regular Jane and Joe’s songbook, and in my opinion, this absolutely was intended. Overall, it’s this special “so what”-style that makes the song and the story so relatable.

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Florian Maier

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