SAMI x Ingvar Jacobson – Tnioys

Being about the grieving process and how pushing deeper into painful emotions is the best way to work through them, this tune is a rare gem to find out there in the vast universe of songs. The latest release of New England native SAMI combines a very soft and defensive general atmopshere with a unique drive that is always present but never pushy. As synth textures are creating the scenery along a relaxed and steady groove, the vocals make themselves at home in the evolving dark yet understanding room of moods and emotions.

“The night is on your side”, or Tnioys, knows exactly how to present both vulnerable emotions, and a certain positive flow at the same time. There’s just the right amount of melody and drive present at all times to contain this soft and silky groove, that is also capable of showing a more gritty side during the chorus.

I love the well-balanced nature of the tune. Not for one second the tune tries to force something onto the listener. It’s rather a creek of sound, offering to take you along as it tells its story. For me, this tune is a remedy for hurting souls trying to get back on their feet.

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