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Kid Travis – Replay

There it is, my favourite release of versatile singer/songwriter Kid Travis. It’s not his latest though. With an unreal tempo and determination, the American artist produces and releases new tunes like there’s no tomorrow. And why shouldn’t he? Once again, he created a signature styled sound that contains some little twists that stand out.

With silky synths, a versatile groove along a lush bass line and some state-of-the-art vocal chops, “Replay” creates an atmosphere that contains both a special energetic fabric, as well as soulful textures. And with many of his previous releases, Kid Travis knows exactly how to blend them in this lush, relaxed and unique way that gets the sound this undeniable vibe, a feel what I can only describe as “royal glow”.

And this glow, combined with passion and a soft drive, is the special ingredient of the tune. This is where soul meets groove meets late night thoughts that are send out to the stars.

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