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AYU – Synchronicity

Everybody knows this brief moment between sleeping and being awake, where your dreams are fading and your brain gets a grip of what’s happening again. When dreams and reality are blended for a short amount of time. And for me, this is where the new release of Swiss singer/songwriter AYU is happening.

In a soft, floating atmosphere with friendly and almost meditative synth textures, the listener gets introduced to the profound vocals and a relaxed yet energetic groove that’ll guide you through this extraordinary maze of emotions and thoughts.

While you are hovering weightless above ground in this scenario, the tune tells about a connection with someone that feels exhilarating and effortless, calm and wild, free and next level bond and every nuance in between. With a topic as old as humanity itself, AYU manages to give the track a fresh and youthful aura nevertheless. Every living human out there knows what she is singing about. With the track being presented in this enchanting gentle way, there’s an emotional connection to the subconciousness of every listener. You feel it as well, don’t you.

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