daddi – Laced

Being about wondering what makes someone so addictive, the new release of American singer/songwriter daddi contains some secrets for the listener. Building an intimate and vulnerable atmosphere with floating synth textures in a roomy dark setting, “Laced” creates its own universe within a couple of seconds. Melodies floating by like morning mist are combined with this irresistible voice that tells the story with a gorgeous blend of innocent, fragile and shy.

That is, of course, until the chorus hits. I love the way how there’s a momentum shift happening here. It’s done with a signature groove, yet also what I’d like to call a “smacked intensity” through pressurized melodies, vocal chops, and a steady rhythm. It’s like the tune highlights the fact that what comes next is very important. But it’s not a thing of brute force, it’s rather a urgent energy released here.

All in all, this is the secret weapon of the tune. It’s the perfect blend of soft and strong, presented with an awesome groove that contains everything the listener needs to put that song on repeat.

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