Billy Lockett – Freaking Out

You gotta love the versatility of Billy Lockett’s new release “Freaking Out”. The UK based singer/songwriter managed to combine a whole palette of grooves with a core emotion everybody knows, put everything in a blender…and out came a masterpiece. A musical cocktail the bartender will only smile politely at you when asked about the ingredients.

I love the easy-going concept of the track. With a very innocent and lightweight approach, the tune does its thing with a honest and emotional undertone. While dealing with obsessions and anxieties, the track tells the story in such a unique way that you can’t talk about it as a genre and mood fitting tune anymore.

And that’s what I love about the track, its unusual approach both from the musical standpoint as well as from the produced video content, makes it stand out. With eyebrow raising pictures, and a saturated synth groove that turns heads from the first chorus on, the track guides you through what seems to be melancholy and borderline desperation in the most groove-loaded enjoyable way.

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