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Empty Measures – Perch

The new release of empty measures accomplishes something that many other tracks out there fail to do. It transmits something that is very important within all of music. And this little something is called “soul”.

With a quite minimal construct of piano and strings, “Perch” designs a wholesome scenery for the listener to let your mind wander in. For me, the melodies create an atmosphere filled with warmth and positivity, but most important, movement. The track triggers a vital part of thinking in me, it’s like those notes are inviting your mind to get in motion.

And the tune triggers not the restless negative thoughts that won’t let you sleep at night, on the contrary. The melody reminds me of cherishing the good in everything. It’s like a vision enhancer for positive feelings. Love, gratefulness, and decency are pictured by the soft yet steady progressions, for me, the tune stands as a modest and relaxed reminder that there is enough good happening out there if we only want to see and experience it. And this, of course, is only one aspect of the tune. Only one way to hear and feel it.

When I got the song pitched, the description said “there’s no description on this one yet as not wanting to influence the feeling in any way”.
This, boys and girls, is a gift. Too often you are given the full intention and description of a tune, and then you fail to actually fully hear it. It’s like reading the whole plot of a movie before seeing it. Like reading the last pages of a book before starting at page one. So, my advice is this: forget my description I just gave! Let your mind define your own meaning of this tune. The language of music isn’t hard to get, but you have to be willing to really listen.

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