Mimmi – Switch

Not her newest release, yet a tune that leaves a mark. Taken from her second album ‘Titanic’, this release of Norwegian multitalent Mimmi knows exactly how to make an impact. With an icy, unforgiving and edgy synth construct, “Switch” creates this lonely razor-sharp environment where your focus is pinpointed at those vocals.

And these vocals are plain awesome. They combine affection, passion, energy and exotic elements to an irresistible signature style that is really addictive in my opinion. And while the rest of the backing is held dense but very minimalistic, this dark, futuristic playground is designed to create goosebumps in slow motion.

And you know me guys, once a tune triggers a physical reaction, you bet on the fact that this tune is going straight to my playlist. So put those headphones on, crank up the volume, and get ready to feel the sound.

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