Jodi Heights – The Myth

Addressing the ever-growing wealth gap, the new release of American singer/songwriter Jodi Heights has this special aura. Throughout the song, there’s a retro-flavored majestic glow present, lifting the tune to be a one-of-a-kind storyteller.

You gotta love the swingy vintage setting the tune creates. Classy instruments, classy groove, and above all, a voice so classy that it instantly makes the tune addictive. Creating this unique classy atmosphere, the track tells its story of smoke and mirrors in an entertaining and unobtrusive way, making you move and even sing along. (well…I wish I could.) One of the things that attract me most about “The Myth” is its meaningful context embedded in this special valuable style. This is both a fun tune, and something to leave a mark regarding context.

Jodi Heights isn’t a fresh or inexperienced musician. Holding multiple degrees in music, it’s safe to say she knows everything about the facts and theory of music. What you cannot learn off sheets though is the unreal amount of passion and soul she puts into her productions. Fine nuanced energy throughout her tunes tells that she puts a piece of heart and soul in every other tune she creates. Going through her arsenal of releases she did since 2017, you’ll find fresh textures in “The Iceberg“, as well as mystical and energetic uplifting vibes in “White Knight“, or even melancholic desire moodsets in one of her earlier works “Insignificant Other“. What unifies all of her tunes isn’t the mood, vibe or energy, but it’s the feelable amount of soul and passion put into them.

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