Dasha – Dramatic

Energetic emotion is the main ingredient of the new release of 22-year-old American singer/songwriter Dasha. Dealing with a break-up, the track has something special attached to it. Some might say it’s just a classy pop-rock tune, but there’s way more to it in my opinion. Dasha managed to pack a ton of emotion into this tune. There’s a signature fragility attached to the melodies and lyrics that really goes under the skin.

While the crisp and straightforward guitars and drums build a solid energetic foundation, creating some sparkling components in the process, the vocals are something to fall in love with. Telling the story of the tune, they change between hurt and confident back and fourth, and in the end, that’s what the main intention of the song is. It’s all about venting feelings, and while the vocals change seamlessly between delicate and sassy, with distortion added on the right ends, the track get this sophisticated emotional halo that breathes life and soul into “Dramatic”.

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Florian Maier

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