Jodi Valentín – Why Did I Lose You

With a soft and summer-ish appearance, the new release of American pop artist Jodi Valentín injects a signature styled groove into your bloodstream. Just what we need for the season.

From the first seconds on, the tune builds a unique playful atmosphere that is filled with lightweight synth arpeggios, an energetic yet not too obtrusive rhythm, and those addictive vocals. Every element in “Why Did I Lose You” feels lightweight yet bound to a melodic and emotional purpose. Overall, it’s exactly this special mixture of lightweight and meaningful content that makes this tune something special in my opinion.

While this tune peaked my interest of what the young inger/songwriter is all about, I gave several other songs of Valentín a listen. There’s no doubt she already found her signature sound. This special mixture of light and intensity also is present in the soft dancer “Vanish”, and the emotional weight really is feelable in the ballad-styled relaxed motive of “Hindsight”. While some artists struggle to find their spot in the genre landscape out there, Jodi Valentín already established her space, and obviously she’s here to stay.

Find out more about Jodi Valentín here:

Florian Maier

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