Herine – Heavy

I love the soft, understanding and emotional approach of the new release of Nashville based indie pop artist Herine. In a well-balanced warm atmosphere, the tune creates an undeniable drive that walks a fine line between energy and emotion.

While the backing creates a soft scenery in which the elements alternate between underwater and above surface floating, the vocals tell their story in a signature styled way. Defensive placed extra tracks and harmonies give the tune its ‘alt pop crown’ so to speak. While there is this soft groove happening, the track gets spiced up with some unexpected crisp changes and small outbursts of energy. I love the very sophisticated but honest way in which a relationship, or better yet, feelings of a new relationship are described here.

All in all, “Heavy” is an awesome ode to the ultra-complex theme of relationships. We’re all vulnerable in relationships, right. No way that we won’t get hurt one way or the other along the way. And while this tune shows this certain vulnerability, it also points out the importance of letting the other one know how you feel at all times. And once again, there you have it – the best songs are written by life itself.

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Florian Maier

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