Jim McHugh – On My Life

I need you to listen closely to this tune. Hear that? That special vibe that is present on any single track used in the song? The one that makes you feel the song as much as you can listen to it? That’s called ‘honesty’.

With a defensive emotional approach, “On My Life” creates a carefully crafted atmosphere that feels emotional but not overly melancholic. With guitars, stringy elements and a roomy rhythmic setting, the track feels like a flyby over thoughts from the past. There’s a soft concept present that gives the tune an understanding aura without drawing too much energy. And as the tune progresses, this concept allows the track to build momentum slowly but steadily.

It’s all about storytelling in music, right. With this release, Irish singer/songwriter Jim McHugh proves that he indeed IS a great storyteller. With seemingly minimal effort, the track builds a canvas for the listener to reflect on emotions. And since every other element in the tune feels floating on air, the tune never gets too straightforward or demanding in the process of taking the listener on a vocal journey of highs and lows.

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Florian Maier

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