Rightfield – Boys Don’t Cry (feat. JordyPurp)

With an icy vibe, a cool appearance and an undeniable drive, the new release of Rightfield presents the definition of hip-hop-meets-punk-pop. Teaming up with fellow genre-bending artist JordyPurp, the guys created a track that, from the first seconds on, knows how to step on the pedal big time.

You gotta love the easygoing, youthful scenery created through the crisp percussion along a groove-loaded rhythm set and melodic synths floating in the back. Centering on the toxicity of a “rub some dirt in it” mentality, the are presented in a signature styled fashion that feels authentic, fun, yet also meaningful and serious to a certain degree. The pulsating backing gives the basically fun-loving theme a bit of a dark sprinkle.

And this balance between fun and message, between drive and easygoing characteristics is what makes “Boys Don’t Cry” so special in my opinion. The track is a multitalent no matter if its played on the mainstage, in the car or as a pusher when life has been rough on you. It feels both young and mature, and it makes you move no matter what.

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Florian Maier

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