The Bergamot – Breakdown

They’re back with some soft and unmatched honesty. In between touring, filmmaking and road trippin’, The Bergamot released another tune that just takes you out of the stressful hectic daily routine.

With soft textures from both backing and vocals, with floating elements that create a soft and protected environment, “Breakdown” is a sonic escape exploring the existential doom we are being barraged with on a daily basis. And it offers a unique element of relief in the process. Once again, I was drawn to the soft and understanding approach of the track. Although it contains quite an energetic rhythmic base, the track feels very unobtrusive due to its sparkling synth patterns that merge with some percussive elements. With this as a foundation, the vocals do their thing to let the song feel like you reached home.

Due to their unmatched chemistry, Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece manage to let every other song feel like a friend. Sometimes it’s the friend that will get you in trouble with a smile, but with this tune, it’s the friend that watches the sunset with you, talking only if necessary. Due to its nature, the track puts everything in perspective again. It shows you that you change your point of view to not let everything get so close to you. Life lessons never sounded better.

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